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Rental and Delivery

All pricing is based on a 24hr rental and can be rented for short excursions, by the day, multiple days, and long term leases. Simply ask for details! All chairs are available on a first-come, first served basis. We are not trailside, so you can’t roll up and rent from us. We encourage reservations because these are very popular! We want you to be able to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. 


When considering personal pickup, please note that these chairs require an SUV or pickup truck to transport. Our Trackchairs come with a carrier that is great for transporting any Trackchair model. It simply slides into a Class III or Class IV 2″ receiver hitch of a standard pick-up truck or van. It has a fold-down ramp for loading and unloading the chair. 

If you're passing through to another town and wish to take a chair with you, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss this option. 

Action Trackchair
24 hr- $50

Extreme Motus

24 hr- $25

Standard Wheelchair

24 hr- $10

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